Smales Farm is a commercial precinct on Auckland’s North Shore devoted to the cultivation of smart businesses, their people and their ideas.

Enriched by advances in technology, mobility and workplace innovation, Smales Farm provides the ideal space and environment for New Zealand businesses to grow.

Our focus is to nurture a neighbourhood that’s not only smarter but healthier. With a strong, sustainable community at its core, Smales Farm’s open spaces, access to transport, green technology and dynamic buildings are people-focussed, encouraging innovative interaction. In a rapidly changing world, Smales Farm provides a new blueprint for how businesses, their people and our communities can thrive.

Our History & Architecture

Our Vision

Our Place. Smales Farm is home to a diverse community where people come first. With a new people-led approach to urban design which promotes walkability, open spaces, health and wellbeing, Smales Farm creates an environment that encourages productivity and business growth.

Bound by a central space that engages and satisfies with food and beverage choices, Smales Farm is an exciting, social place to be. Connecting with the enterprising spirit of the region, businesses both big and small are able to interact and innovate in new and dynamic ways.

Our Space. Smales Farm is a place where good design, sustainability and high quality space increase wellbeing and productivity. With investment centring on next-generation technology and green buildings, sustainable solutions and smart use of space, we offer a healthier workplace. Stronger employee attraction and retention and lower absenteeism are all benefits, along with increased productivity for SMEs and big business alike.

This is a place where technology and mobility enables our customers to operate efficiently and competitively, encouraging them to set their sights to new heights.

Our Community. Smales Farm cultivates an environment that encourages a diversity of uses and interests, engaging our changing culture and growing neighbourhood.

We extend our unique green spaces and smart infrastructure to provide events that engage and delight our tenants and the local community. Be it outdoor yoga, light shows, community BBQ’s or regular food trucks, Smales Farm is a place for meeting, sharing and recreation.